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Stylish multi-purpose space!

Stylish multi-purpose space!

12. Garden treatment room  1  4

Tucked away in lovely gardens our clients have a lovely modern detached house where they had the vision to create extra space that they wanted, but couldn’t practically create in the main home. A few weeks later and this beautiful building is complete.  Some of the key features of the project are:

  • An internal dividing wall creates two dedicated areas within the building – a treatment room in one area and a gymnasium in the other
  • Perfect planning ensures that each room displays centrally located windows and symmetry
  • German high-quality bi-fold doors create a seamless transition between the inside and outdoors
  • Concealed wiring for two wall-mounted televisions
  • Remote controlled lighting circuits create elegant ambiance in the evenings
  • Extensive decking and landscaping wraps around the building complementing the contours of the garden
  • The build was complete in less than two weeks with minimum disruption to our clients
  • A challenging access on a private road was no problem for the dedicated Swift installation team!

Whatever the best solution, Swift’s “listening” approach does produce designs that really match the short and long term wishes of their clients.  Buildings that can fulfil immediate demands and, when required, have the ability to change their use in the future can ensure the long-term secure value of your investment.

When asked if he was satisfied with the customer service they received throughout, the reply was “Brilliant from start to finish” and when asked about the standard of work on site the reply was a simple and resounding: “Exceptional” Steven and Clare Wilkinson (Rickmansworth)