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Art deco inspired recording studio

Art deco inspired recording studio

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We love it when a plan comes together and nothing pleases us more than a happy client! We had so much fun working with Helen who, with great imagination and flare, wanted a building where she could effectively work as a voiceover recording artist, and which reflected her love of Art Deco.

Key features of this lovely studio are…

– A totally individual 4m x 3m design
– Striking focal point in the garden
– Art deco inspired interior features
– Installation of climate control
– LED soffit lighting
– PIR security light

She wrote to us and her comments made us grin from ear-to-ear!…

I was really impressed with the speed and quality of service from Swift. The team seemed to have an almost eerie knack of knowing what we wanted and what would suit our situation. Martin’s suggestion of a design on the exterior meant that the room was just a little bit more creative and adventurous, and from a professional point of view, conveyed the same message about my business to my clients! The extra soundproofing package means that the room is exceptionally quiet, making it the perfect starting point for further acoustic treatment and therefore a great space for my voiceover work. It took much less time to build and far less disruption than a loft conversion (having suffered through one of those in the past)and looks very stylish in its spot at the end of the garden. Right now I’m fighting off people demanding to know when they can come and see it and celebrate it with a grand opening party. Helen Jackson (Chelmsford)